The newest addition to the playhouse village at Terra Studios was donated by Dezeri Cummings Dudley’s family this month. This gift is very special because it was built by Dezeri’s late father, Bryan Cummings.  Bryan was an artist and skilled carpenter who also created other buildings, displays, and wonderful and well-loved favorites at Terra Studios like the Wizard’s Cave and the “Ozarks Cabin” playhouse.



“Logic will get you from A to Z. Imagination will get you everywhere.” – Albert Einstein


Watching folks interact in the Wizard’s cave and the play houses shows the beauty of imagination. Recently, we spent a delightful afternoon engaged with a young family, making up fanciful stories in and around the playhouse village. Imagination is, of course, a necessary ingredient for creativity; creativity is a necessary ingredient to problem-solving. PlayHouse.Village.w.Family


If you are interested in making a loving, imagination-inducing donation of art, art supplies — or even a playhouse — please contact us!