Our restroom building is a perfect example of the unique art found at Terra Studios. Hundreds of artists and community members painted the tiles for this building. Countless children have visited and have grown up visiting tiles made by parents and grandparents.


This building needs repairs. It has suffered some water damage inside and outside. We’ll need to make some repairs to the plumbing and replace the roof.

In the next few days, we’ll be showing you other repairs we need as well and will be launching our first large-scale, online crowdfunding campaign.

Along the way, we’ll keep you updated on the progress you make possible. And, if we make our goal and surpass it, we’ll show you some sneak peeks of the plans for new installations as well.

We know you love Terra Studios and will want to help out. Every dollar makes a difference – so please give what you can to keep the magic alive!

Due to high demand, fulfillment of orders may be delayed by 5 business days.