Art Park

Sculptures & Murals

Six beautiful acres studded with sculpture gardens, murals, sparkling glass, fantasy creatures and peaceful fountains. The fountains may contain fish or fabled dragons or simply the sparkling sound of moving water. Hundreds of artists have contributed to this one-of-a-kind art park.

Come visit this wonderland of art in the Arkansas hills. Stroll the paths and enjoy their quiet beauty, or sit by the pond soothed by the sounds of the living landscape. Move into the heart of our seven-channel stone labyrinth and experience a rare serenity.

Games & Wonderwall

There are so many ways to have fun:  It’s the perfect place to bring a date or an out of town guest, and a beautiful spot for family picnics or photographs. Play a game of Giant Chess or Checkers. Draw a masterpiece or write a poem on the Wonderwall.  Or, follow the clues on our keepsake map and enjoy the scavenger hunt. Terra Studios Art Park will be sure to inspire and delight you.

Wizards Cave

While you’re here, be sure to visit the Wizard’s Cave.  The ferrocement creation ia a favorite with visitors of all ages.  The cave, with dripping water, glass stalactites and sparkling crystals, hosts a variety of inhabitants.  Read about some of these creatures or sit in the Wizard’s Throne and study the “stars” for a bit of inspiration.


Terra Studios Labyrinth:  If you have not experienced the peace and stillness evoked by walking a Labyrinth, Terra is a wonderful place to start. Those already familiar with the experience will appreciate the beauty of our classical 7-channel outdoor labyrinth, constructed of standing slabs of Wedington Limestone.

What is a Labyrinth?  The Labyrinth Society gives us this definition: “A labyrinth is a single path (or unicursal tool) for personal, psychological and spiritual transformation.” Full-sized, walk-able Labyrinths provide a non-denominational spiritual path for meditative reflection.

Walking the winding, twisting folds allows a tranquil state to emerge, where we can release our typical straight-line directional orientation and allow our minds to wander, while continually proceeding towards an unmoving center. Many see this as a metaphor for introspection and centering, and a concrete tool useful in seeking stillness, gratitude or transformation.

Traditionally labyrinths have been used for both personal and group “walking prayer” or meditation and our Labyrinth is a popular destination for church groups.

Recently, science has validated the use of labyrinths for a number of therapeutic uses including PTSD and stroke recovery. Across the U.S. many medical facilities, including VA hospitals, are implementing and studying labyrinths.  It is thought that as you walk and turn right and left repeatedly, your focus shifts back and forth, stimulating and enhancing communication between the two hemispheres of the brain.

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