Fun Classes for All Ages

Terra Studios is the place to find beautiful art and also to discover the joy, satisfaction, and passion that comes from igniting your own creativity. We offer short mini-workshops for both adults and children. Each course is especially designed to allow you to learn basic techniques and complete a project in a single visit. Classes vary from 30 minutes to a full day, but most are about two hours long. Check the schedule for class times.

For those who already enjoy making and doing, these classes offer a time to have fun and explore new crafts, as well as to develop or increase your skills. Come and revel in this opportunity to be part of our creative community and utilize the extensive facilities at Terra Studios.

Even people who haven’t thought of themselves as artistic, who think “I can’t do art” or “I’m not creative,” find joy and laughter in our workshops, designed to take the anxiety out of the experience while unlocking an adventurous spirit in all our participants.  Step-by-step instruction and insider tips make our classes fun for everyone. Bring a friend, take an afternoon to create something with your child, or make the experience an artistic retreat for yourself.  Our classes make an unusual and thoughtful gift idea as well, since every participant emerges with a lovely keepsake creation as well as the fun of the time spent in creating it!

Our private classes, offered for six or more, are a fantastic way to build camaraderie with co-workers or to strengthen connection with family and friends. Terra Studios’ philosophy that everyone is an artist is highlighted in the group art experience.  Consider an art workshop for your next office party, neighborhood get together, birthday or family gathering.  Terra Studios will even cater your lunch or dinner.

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Upcoming Classes

Clay Fairy House Class @ Terra Studios
Mar 26 @ 1:00 pm – 3:00 pm


Clay Fairy Houses Class (for Adults – 12 yrs old and up)

Fairy housing for fairy neighbors! One of the most creative, popular, and satisfying classes offered at Terra studios, our Build A Fairy House workshop brings you together with our fabulous artists to construct your own addition of our ever-popular Fairy Villages. The Fairy population is expanding as people work together to protect our mutual environment and new housing is needed for their young families. Whether you envision a flying buttress, a medieval thatched roof, a tiny villa covered in magical inscriptions,  a duplex with wings, or an Ozark classic, our artist can show you how to make your vision a reality. These little creations are much like our famous Terra Bird Houses except that the size of the bird need not calculated into your design and the Fairy Houses can be part of an indoor or outdoor community. When you see your little domicile lit up at night with an LED bulb, welcoming the Fairy neighbors to an Open House Celebration, you will soon be part of this important movement to provide sweet shelters for the Sprites!

This class is designed for ages 12 and up.

All materials are included in the cost of the workshop. Please wear comfortable clothing that may get stained with clay, dyes, glazes, paints, or whatever art materials you happen to be working with at the time.  Also, remember that layers are helpful with heating/air conditioning and time outdoors.

Please arrive at the Terra Studios Gallery at least 15 minutes before your scheduled class time, and check in at the register. Your teacher will meet you in the Gallery.

Please print your receipt; it will serve as your class ticket.

A minimum of 4 students must be enrolled in this class or the class will be rescheduled.