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100+ Artists:

Cheri.Bohn_smLocal Art!  The gallery at Terra Studios is a wonderful showcase of the creative works of over 100 regional artists and operates on a consignment basis allowing artists an opportunity to test market, explore new creative avenues, and provides a year-round outlet for their work. We feel honored and excited that so many talented artists show their works at Terra Studios.  With every purchase at Terra Studios, you are directly contributing to art, artists and to keeping the creative magic of Terra Studios alive.  Thank you for your involvement and support.

Artist’s List:

Artist: Medium:
Alter, Margaret Wood
Armstrong, Linda (Porcelain Iris Studio) Clay
Baker, Cheryl Digital Painting
Bancroft, Amanda Cards
Barrow, Jay (Misfit Mt Productions) Jewelry
Bauer, Lisa Painting
Belcher, Pam (Bunny Works) Jewelry
Berkley, Kay Stained Glass
Bohn, Cheri Stained Glass
Bodanske, Wendy Pottery
Brandt, Les Wood
Bratton, Ed and Andrea (Moss Ridge Designs) Wire Sculpture
Brooks, Miranda (Sea Monkey) Polymer Clay
Brotherton, Velda Writer
Buell Pottery  (Cheryl Buell) Pottery
Burnett, Richard Music
Burris, Reba Pottery
Camillieri, Marietta (Essential Arts) Painted Silk / Essential Oils
Carmona, Roberto Wire Sculpture
Carter, Gary (Primitive Influence) Blown Glass
Carter, Brenda Fused Glass Jewelry
Carter, Erlene Mixed Media
Chard, Teresa (Chard Designs) Jewelry
Cockmon, Leslie Jewelry
Cooper, Houstine Writer
Cordes, Mandy (Glass Poetry) Flamework
Cornish, Patty Jo Writer
Costello, Leigh Wood
Courteau, Maeve Sculpture
Cox, Brenda Bowen (Kitty Gator Creations) Jewelry
Curtis, Mary (Double Springs Pottery) Pottery
Damon, Valerie Hubbard Writer/Illustrator
Daves, Lynn Writer
Detels, Claire Fiber Arts
Dietzel, Jenny (Twin Springs Wellness) Herbals
Duell, Arthur Wood
Dulaney, Jennye Jewelry
Dunn, Rebecca Pottery
Erwin, Theresa (Old Potter Glassworks) Glass
Fisher, Harold Wood
Foster, Karen (Lightning Ridge Studio) Pottery
Fritz Porter Designs (Elizabeth Dolan & Marg Fuller) Jewelry
Gonzalez, Val Polymer Clay
Goodwin, Jeff and Judy (Daaman) Porcelain Jewelry
Green, Joyce Bead art
Greeson, Janet (Double Springs Pottery) Pottery
Haase, Lois Mixed Media
Hannaman, Rod (REH ART) Pottery
Hartney, Nancy Writer
Hauck, Rebecca (Fairy Wonderful Greeting Cards Co.) Handmade Cards
Hejtmanek, Anita Jewelry
Herring, Marti (Whimsical Charm by Marti) Fiber Arts
Hoeller, Susie Yovic Writer
Hoffman. Leon (Winter Creek Woodworks) Woodworks
House, Don (House Photoworks) Photography
Hutchinson, Roy Pottery
Judah, Norma Fiber Arts
Keen, Kathy Fiber Arts
Klay Hawk Studios (Karyl Lange Hawkins) Pottery
Klotz, Ruth Cards
Knight, Cynthia (Chatelaine Studio) Mixed Media
Kozeny, Wendy Pottery
Kunz, Katelyn Fiber Arts
La Page, Will (Parks for Life) Writer
Langford, Barry (Lyteful Treasures) Jewelry
Lippincott, Peter (Mudpuppy Pottery) Pottery
Lorenzen, Christina (Made of Clay Pottery ) Pottery
Lyons, Genevieve Fiber Arts
Madison, Caitlin Fiber Arts
Madison, Rio (Wings & Things) Mixed Media
Marroy, Harlee Pottery
Marroy, Stephanie Pottery
Marson, Lindsey E. (Zsanyi) Jewelry
Martin, Duncan Pottery
Mayer, Leslie Painting
McKee, Alice Fiber Arts
Metzger, David Pottery
Miller, Maura (Mavenware) Pottery
Miller, Silas Jewelry
Mitchell, Marshall Music
Mock, Keith Wood Sculpture
Mynatt, Ron (Callahan Mountain Studios) Blown Glass
Oelsner, Geoffrey Writer
Ogden, Daisy Pottery
Oppenheimer, Tina (Ozark Cards) Cards
Ozmore, John A Photography / Mixed Media
Peine,  Sara Stained Glass
Pereira, Eloa Jane Mixed Media
Pierce, Benjamin Wood
Powell, Doug (New World Drums) Drums
Powers, Kip Wood
Raintree, Rachael Elena Pottery
Red Star Studios Pottery
Richards, Sheila Mixed Media
Rivers, Diana Writer
Round Mountain Pottery Jewelry
Siegele & Haley Pottery Pottery
Smith, Belva C. Mixed Media
Stinebaugh, Diane Painting
Stinespring, Ali Fused Glass
Tebbets, Rachel Pottery
Tidwell, Sena Painting
Trimble, Courtney Michelle Cards
Ulick, James Mixed Media
Universal One (Angel & Eric Brodsky) Books & Videos
Welsh, Micah (WYRZ) Jewelry
White, Effron Music
White, Margaret Fiber Arts
Witter, Kim Jewelry
Wohlford, Mary (Ozark Candles) Candles
Worster, Ann Pottery
Wright, Bob and Virginia (The Wright Weave) Basketry
Yates, Stephanie Painting
Zoeller, Nancy Fiber Arts

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