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Thank you for your interest in bringing your class to Terra Studios!

Field trips must be scheduled and confirmed in advance to be sure we have enough staff on hand for your group. Tour fees are $20 for up to 20 people with an additional $1/person for groups over 20.  If you would like a guided tour or a talk about Terra, art, glass, pottery, or native plants, please let us know — these may be available by special arrangements.  Please call 479.643.3185 or fill out the form below to contact us about scheduling your field trip.  We look forward to your visit!


To help preserve this unique offering and to keep Terra free, please review the information below with your students.

  • One chaperone to supervise every 8 students at all times. (We recommend one chaperone for every 3-5 elementary students and one per 8 older students).
  • It is very important that your chaperones keep eye-contact with the group they are supervising, at all times.
  • All art installations are fragile.  Please explain the importance of respect for the art as the creative work of the artist to your students.
  • Please respect the plants and flowers.  Admire them and leave them for everyone to enjoy.
  • Our Trash Trolls have voracious appetites.  Please feed them all your trash and any other trash you may find on the grounds.
  • The ponds are living habitats, and the pools and fountains are maintained with chlorine.  For the well-being of the wild-life and for the students’ safety, please ensure they stay out of the water.
  • We have picnic grounds for the students, or they may purchase food, snacks, and drinks in the cafe.  However, per health department regulations, outside food and beverages may not be brought into the coffee house.
  • Please limit the number of students in the gallery/coffee house to one small group at a time.
  • Cameras are encouraged. Please never use a flash when photographing the glassblowers. (It really hurts their eyes.)


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