Our Story

Who We Are

Terra Studios: Using Art to Create a Better World™ is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization devoting all resources, profits, energies and donations to a dream of a brighter future through using art to create a better world. The choice to become a nonprofit arose from the idea that the future needs visionaries who are able to wield the magic of creativity and with imagination, exploration, discovery and innovation arrive at new ideas, inventions and solutions that have the power to change the world. Our dream and promise is for Terra Studios to be a spark that ignites the inner flames of creativity in everyone who visits.

Vision & Mission

Terra Studios is Using Art to Create a Better World. We exist to promote art, teach art methods, and inspire creativity. We teach heritage and contemporary arts and crafts to children and adults, school groups, church groups, and senior groups. We also provide training to regional artists and, through the gallery, showcase their artistic endeavors.

Art supports personal growth and development, problem-solving skills, creative thinking, and social skills. New ideas, inventions and solutions will have the power to shape a brighter future.

Management & Staff

Board of Directors:

James Ulick, president

Corrin Troutman, vice president

Karen Hanna Towne, chair

Mark Kinion, on leave

Edwin Williams, secretary

Executive Director: Val Gonzalez



Gary, Brenda, Duane, Gayla,  Micah, Mitchell, Allison, Ren, Laura, Jon, Justin, Holly, Chloe, Lisa, Serafin and Maura.

Terra Studios employs a cooperative management style that utilizes Compassionate Communication and The Dream Manager management system. We partner with local schools and other non-profits. The entire staff is committed to making everyone’s experience at Terra Studios wonderful and to keeping the magic alive while developing a vision of a premier gallery and thriving art community.  Many, many artists contribute to this endeavor, making Terra Studios a wonderful place for everyone to enjoy.

As we move into the future, Terra Studios is dedicated to forming collaborative relationships in the community, expanding education, continuing to create more inspiring and interactive installations and to keeping the admission free.  We are committed to Terra Studios being an important part of the social capital of Northwest Arkansas.

The Future of the Dream

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