The Dream

A bold new vision is manifesting at Terra Studios (now a 501(c)(3) nonprofit!)


It’s about a quest, a pledge, to use art to create a better world. It’s about a dream to be the spark that ignites the inner flames of creativity in everyone who visits. It’s about magical, fun, free artistic festivals for children, families, veterans, and our elders. It’s about exciting new educational art installations.  It’s about free educational art projects for kids. It’s about the alchemy of art that transforms, empowers, invigorates, and enlivens those it touches. It’s about visionaries and dreamers who can imagine the possibilities of what we can achieve as a community.


It’s about YOU!


Please join this Quest as we embark on the adventure of “using art to create a better world” and transform Terra Studios into a wonderful treasure for the entire community.


Please become a member, support, volunteer, and visit to help make the dream come true!

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